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        2013[鬼鲨2:都市狂鲨]Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws[BT下载/迅雷下载]

        编辑:本站 / 更新时间:2020-11-10 / 发布时间:2020-11-07


        【导演】:Johnny Hall/Andrew Todd
        【主演】: Campbell Cooley/Johnny Hall/史蒂夫·奥斯汀/Kathleen Burns/Roberto Nascimento/Isabella Burt
        【标签】: 剧情/科幻/恐怖
        【原名】:Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws
        【评分】:豆瓣: ,IMDB:2.7
        【IMDb链接】: tt1732651
        【编辑整理】: [下片片网]www.wanqu777.com http://www.ghostshark2.com/



        Nine years after the events of GHOST SHARK Jack Broody is the mayor of Auckland, New Zealand, and former Lieutenant Commander Tony Palantine is down and out on the streets. The mayoral electoral campaign is underway and Broody is down in the polls, with newcomer Marco Guerra winning the hearts and votes of the public. But people start turning up dead all over the city, and it soon becomes clear that GHOST SHARK is back. Desperate not to repeat the mistakes from his former life, Broody calls in expert ghost shark hunter Tom Logan to defeat the undead beast once and for all. But Logan carries with him demons of his own. With the election fast approaching and Ghost Shark taking more souls by the day, can Broody and Logan save both the mayoralty and the city?


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